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Welding Smoke Removal

Portable units specifically designed for welding applications of all types. Excellent source capture capability keeps the smoke and fumes and away from the operators working/breathing area! Let AFS help you meet the new OSHA standard for exposure to Chromium VI (AKA Hevalent Chromium or Cr(VI)

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$7170.00 - $7170.88
AQE 2000 Welding Fume Extractor
Self cleaning reverse pulse portable cartridge cleaner for welding fumes/smoke, powders, dust and other dry particulate contaminants.
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AQE 4000 Dust/Welding Smoke Collector
Four cartridge self-contained overhead or cart mounted cartridge collector for use in either source or ambient collecting applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service intervals making it ideal for heavy duty applications.
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F116 Honeywell HEPA Pass Through Air Purifier
F116 HEPA Pass Through Air Cleaner
Honeywells F116 HEPA grade air purifier is designed for medical isolation wards,industrial clean rooms and source capture applications that require HEPA performance level cleaning (ie Hexavalent Chromium Standards)
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$6066.00 - $6500.00
F33V Air Purification System
The F33V is a portable electronic air cleaner for source capture of a broad range of contaminants
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F62B Self-Contained Coanada Electronic Air Cleaner
Features the “coanada” airflow pattern which creates a deliberate amount of mild air turbulence to insure the polluted air gets to the unit, is filtered, then cleaned air is redistributed to the ambient environment.
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$3710.00 - $4650.00
M-66 Self Contained Media Air Cleaner
The M-66 is a self-contained media air cleaning system designed for general ambient cleaning or can be ducted for source capture applications up to 2,700 CFM
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Porta-Air Portable Air Cleaner
Low cost, two cartridge manual clean dust collector. The PortaAir includes a 1.5 horse power direct drive motor with an 11 foot arm as standard.
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