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MistBuster® 500 Media Air Cleaner
The MistBuster® 500 Media is a media filter version of the original MistBuster® 500. This mist eliminator is an industrial air cleaner designed to capture and clean mist and smoke from metalworking applications in industry.
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$7170.00 - $7170.88
AQE 2000 Welding Fume Extractor
Self cleaning reverse pulse portable cartridge cleaner for welding fumes/smoke, powders, dust and other dry particulate contaminants.
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AQE 4000 Dust/Welding Smoke Collector
Four cartridge self-contained overhead or cart mounted cartridge collector for use in either source or ambient collecting applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service intervals making it ideal for heavy duty applications.
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AQE 8000 Reverse Pulse Cleaning Dust Collector
The AQE 8000 is a self-cleaning, reverse pulse, cartridge dust collector designed for continuous duty applications where high efficiency and longer filter life is desired.
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AQE Smokemaster C12 Commercial Smoke Eater/Air Cleaner
The AQE Smokemaster C-12 removes cigarette smoke, dust & all types of dirty air contaminants. Uses unique COANDA Airflow pattern for optimal efficiency!
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MistBuster® 2000
The MistBuster® 2000 is designed to capture and eliminate smoke and mist from industrial metalworking applications. Patented mist eliminator technology insures high efficiency with no disposable filters in a compact machine mounted package.
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Smokemaster X-11Q
Smoke Eater For Bars and Restaurants The SmokeMaster X-11Q cigarette smoke eater is designed to flush mount discreetly into a 2'x4' drop ceiling tile.
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