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Used to eliminate vapor/odors and particulate in individual rooms without exhausting expensive heated or cooled air. The CM-11 HEPA model is ideal for meeting any level CLEANROOM requirements without spending a fortune!
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F111U Air Cleaning and Treatment System
An affordable, efficient air cleaning and treatment solution that meets the needs of doctors, dentists, healthcare and many other professionals who are looking to improve air quality for patients, staff, students and teachers, products, processes, animals
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F116 Honeywell HEPA Pass Through Air Purifier
F116 HEPA Pass Through Air Cleaner
Honeywells F116 HEPA grade air purifier is designed for medical isolation wards,industrial clean rooms and source capture applications that require HEPA performance level cleaning (ie Hexavalent Chromium Standards)
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F90 Honeywell Electronic Air Purifier
F90 Honeywell Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner
Honeywell's F90 ceiling hung electronic air cleaner has been used over the past 30 years in cigar parlors, restaurants, bars, bowling centers, etc. for smoke eyestinging gases and odor removal.
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Miracle Air CM-12
Removes smoke,dust,pollen,odors & vapors
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XJ-2 Air Pressure Control & HEPA Filtration System
Use in Hospital Isolation rooms for HEPA filtration needs or in Commercial/Industrial CLEANROOMS for positive pressure requirements!
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