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Used to eliminate vapor/odors and particulate in individual rooms without exhausting expensive heated or cooled air. The CM-11 HEPA model is ideal for meeting any level CLEANROOM requirements without spending a fortune!
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F116 Honeywell HEPA Pass Through Air Purifier
F116 HEPA Pass Through Air Cleaner
Honeywells F116 HEPA grade air purifier is designed for medical isolation wards,industrial clean rooms and source capture applications that require HEPA performance level cleaning (ie Hexavalent Chromium Standards)
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Honeywell Room HEPA Air Cleaners
F112 and F113
Honeywell F112A/C and F113A/C HEPA room air cleaners move 150 to 300cfm of air with 99.97% HEPA filtration efficiency in a compact portable package. Models also available with CPZ filters for odors/vapor removal.
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M-68PRA HEPA Roll Around
M68PRA-2000 HEPA
True 99.97% HEPA, Self Contained Air Cleaner with Roll Around Casters and Handles for easy movement from one location to another.
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M68V Portable HEPA Air Cleaner
M68V is a portable HEPA Air Cleaner that collects particles 0.3 microns and greater with an efficiency of 99.97%
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P-600XL- Electronic Air Cleaner
The P-600XL is a high efficiency, high capacity electronic air cleaner that has a remarkable performance track record. Outperforms TV hyped stick cleaners and smaller units that move minimal amounts of air.
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PM 400UV High Efficiency HEPA +UV Air Cleaner
High Efficiency 99.97% HEPA + Ultraviolet Lamps + 15 lbs. of carbon charcoal in a single Air Filtration Portable Package
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Smokemaster X-11Q
Smoke Eater For Bars and Restaurants The SmokeMaster X-11Q cigarette smoke eater is designed to flush mount discreetly into a 2'x4' drop ceiling tile.
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