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Off Site Electronic Air Cleaner Service

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             The MISTBUSTER Maintenance Program            
      “Routine Maintenance, Proper Function, Clean Air.”  

Mistbuster collection cells need to be cleaned routinely (2 -3 times per year) to ensure proper function. Cleaned and tested Mistbuster electrostatic collection cells and filters are shipped to your factory. Factory maintenance personnel replace the contaminated filters with clean ones, and then place the contaminated filters in our re-sealable bags and boxes, then ship them back to our cleaning facility. There is virtually no machine down time as the replacement cells are on hand prior to the filter replacement.


  • Clean air, in many cases Mistbuster units are installed, turned on and forgot about, without routine maintenance the aluminum collection cells become saturated with grease/ soot / oil and other contaminates, and stop working. Routine maintenance = proper function = clean air.
  • No replacement filters to purchase. New collection cells cost over $300.
  • There is little machine down time with this service. There is considerable machine down time however if the filters are removed and cleaned in-house by maintenance personnel as washing and drying one cell can take up to two hours.
  • There is no wastewater to dispose of.
  • There are no cleaning detergents, no parts washers to purchase and install.
  • The cleaned electrostatic collection cells work as they are properly cleaned and tested at our facility to ensure proper function. In many cases, overburdened maintenance personnel do not completely clean the cells, or inadvertently damage them during cleaning.





Mistbuster 500

1 Collection Cell / 2 Impingers / 1 Media Post Filter

$59.00 + shipping

Mistbuster 750

2 Collection Cells / 2 Impingers / 1 Media Post Filter

$104.00 + shipping

Mistbuster 850

3 collection cell / 2 Impingers / 1 media post filter

$149.00 + shipping

Mistbuster Quad

4 collection cell / 6 Impingers

$194.00 + shipping

Mistbuster 2000

6 collection cell / 6 Impingers

$290.00 + shipping

*Additional Shipping cost

Getting Started:

  1. Complete this new customer form new customer form and fax it to AFS @ 239-303-2507
  2. Within three business days cleaned and tested Mistbuster collection cells will arrive at your facility, these filters come packaged with replacement instructions.
  3. Replace the contaminated collection cells and mesh filters with the cleaned ones.
  4. Place the contaminated collection cells and mesh filters in the re-sealable bags and shipping box, then UPS back freight collect. (Shipping instructions included)
  5. You will be billed once the contaminated collection cells are returned.


Sub Categories of Off Site Electronic Air Cleaner Service:

Complete Machine Repair
If your electrostatic air cleaner is in need of updating or repair, call us at 877- 410-1887! We will help diagnose your problem and if repairable, tell you how to proceed. Often times, we can save you a good deal of money and put your system back in peak operating condition!
Filter Cleaning Service

We send cleaned collection cells to you!! You send back the dirty ones; the collection cells are cleaned at our facility. NO MACHINE DOWN TIME!!!