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OEM Filters

We carry all designs including round top and bottom, round flange top and bottom, square top, and we can supply them with galvanized or stainless steel.  Select from an open or closed bottom. You can choose your outer construction: expanded metal, tomato cage or bands.


Cylindrical Filter Cartridge



Hook Filter Cartridge

The cylindrical is the most common type of cartridge filter with many OEMs. We can make any length you need up to 60”. Our diameters range from 6.8” to 22.5”. We’ll help you select the media that is correct for your application.


This style filter can also be made with plastic end caps. You can choose from any diameter from 5.38” to 9.65” and any length up to 60”. The common OEMs are Mix and Altair SLR.


Lip Flange Cartridge



Screw Top Cartridge

The lip flange filter style can be made in diameters from 13.875” to 14.25” and in any length up to 60”. Common OEMs are BCP, Wheelabrator® and USF/Surface Prep. This style filter can be made with any of our full complement of media.     The three most common OEMs are Mahle, Tamrock and Neuman and Esser. We can make any diameter from 4.25” to 6.30” and any length up to 60”. Our full selection of media will provide you the best solution.


Shake Filter with Prefilter



Square Flange filter

As a replacement to Donaldson®’s Vibra Shake™ Units with prefilters, you can be assured our quality will meet or exceed the OEMs. The diameter is 16.5” with lengths including 10”, 20” and 26”.     The square flange cartridge can be found in OEMs such as Farr, Semco® Bulk Transfer, Wheelabrator®, and United Air Specialist®. We can produce multiple diameters from and any length up to 60”. Our experts will help you choose the best media for your situation.


Twist Lock Filter



Oil Mist Filter

This is a direct replacement for a pneumafil filter. We can provide all three lengths - 24", 29" and 34". We can also make the filter in the media tht will be most suitable for your application.     These oil mist filters come in diameters that range from 11.08” to 22.5”. The lengths range from 8” to 25”. If your application has oil and particulate in the gas stream, then this is the filter for you.


Inner Core Options


End Cap Options


Outer Construction Options

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SB025 Media Filter
Heavy-Duty Polyester Spunbonded nonwoven filter media at 260 g/m2. A high-strength, 100% synthetic spunbonded media with excellent durability, particulate release and moisture resistance.
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